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Jypy & Sundie Country Band
Animation Country et New Line dance
Attention !!!

Ceci est une playlist de base pour nos concerts.
Il peut y avoir des modifications pour la date de votre soirée.
Changement de chansons et (ou) un ordre différent
les tendances changent suivant les régions.
Sud et Nord de la Belgique, Nord, Midi et Sud de la France,
Alsace, Luxembourg, Basse et haute Normandie,
Bretagne, etc .......
Il faut compter +ou- 15 morceaux par heure de prestation.
Sur demande,
Vous recevrez votre Playlist, 2 semaines avant votre soirée.
Playlist TOTAL
Playlist Jypy & Sundie
TITRES                                                          DANSES PROPOSEES
198 This Is Not Goodbye LALALI
197 All God's Children  
196 I Need Never Get Old  
194 You're Only Young Once  
193 I need Moore Of You Lindy Shuffle
192 Lay Low  
191 Back In Your Arms Again Back To You
190 Bring On The Good Times  
189 Tag On / Saturday Night  
187 The belle Of Liverpool  
186 The Harvester  
184 Bring Down The House  
183 Saturday Night For Neige
182 Rockabilly Jive Rockin'Rebel
180 I Ain't No Quitter  
179 Mabe I Shouldn' Hold
178 Raggle Taggle Gypsy  
177 Twist And Turns  
176 About Feeling Mixed Drings About Feeling
174 Down On The Bayou  
173 Quitter  
171 The Wold  
170 Tornedo  
167 Something To Die For Modern Romance
166 Hey O  
165 Goodby Monday  
164 Big Bleu Tree  
163 The boat To Liverpool  
162 Bounty  
161 Girl Crush  
160 Remember When  
159 And Get It On (Marvin Gay)  
158 Thanks a Lot  
154 Everybody Knows  
153 Southbound Train  
152 Born To Be Blue Born To Be Blue
151 Wasted Wasted
149 Mexican Wind Mexican Wind
147 Wagon Wheel Wagon Wheel Rock
145 Mama Don't Allow Skiffle Time
144 Hey Brother (Avicii) Hey Brother
143 Good  Time Girls GoodTime Girls
140 Better Time A Comin' Better Time
138 Drive Driven
133 Rock Paper Scissor Rock Paper Scissors 
132 Messed Up In Memphis Messed Up In Memphis
131 Knee Deep Knee Deep
130 Ma jolie Louise Ma Jolie Louise
129 Summer Fly Summer Fly
128 Commitment Commitment
126 Footloose Footloose
124 Bandido's Last Ride Bandido's Last Ride
120 Something In The Water Something In The Water
118 Darlin' Darlin'
117 Gambler The Gambler
116 The Flute The Flute
115 Wave on wave Wave On Wave
114 Seminole Wind Seminole Wind
112 Sur la route de Memphis Memphis
110 The Galway Girl Galway Girls
109 Askin' Questions Askin' Questions
108 Mary Mary Mary Mary
104 It Happens Rhyme Or Reason
103 Need You Now All Need Is You
102 Boom Boom Goes My Heart Chica Boom Boom
100 Loving All Night Wishful Thinking
98 Played a Live - Bongo Song Chill Factor
97 Let Your Moma Go Go Mama Go
92 Toes Toes
91 Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas
88 My Veronica  
84 Heart Of An Angel Heart Of An Angel
82 San Francisco Billy's Dance
79 Home To Louisiana Home To Louisiana
78 Good Time Good Time
76 Beer For My Horses Beer For My Horses
75 This is the Life Singing The Song
73 Cannibals Kelly's Cannibals
69 Copperhead Road Copperhead Road
61 Stand By Your Man The Sway
56 Pizzirico Pizziricco
54 Every Little Thing Doesn't Matter
53 California Blue California Blue
50 Black Coffee Black Coffee
49 City Of New Orleans City Of New Orleans
46 All shook up All Shook Up
45 Walk Of Life Walk Of Life
40 Irish Stew  Irish Stew
32 Bad Case Cn Loving you Doctor Doctor
30 Neon Moon Neon Moon
28 Lover Please Come Back Lover Please Come Back
20 Closer Closer
18 Achy breaky Heart Achy Breaky Heart
17 Got Blessed Texas God Blessed Texas
13 Down On The Corner Down On The Corner
9 Island In The Stream Island In The Stream
8 Rose Garden Rose Garden
6 All You Ever Do Is … Shadow - La Cucaracha
3 Red Hot Salsa Red Hot Salsa
5 Bossa nova Bosa Nova



City of New Orleans City Of New Orleans
Closer Closer

Come do the line dance


Do The Line Dance


Copperhead road Copperhead Road
Country down to my soul Hot Tamales





Down on the corner

Down On The Bayou  Fin 2016

Down On The Corner

Down On The Bayou

Every little thing

Everybody Knows   2015

Doesn't Matter

Everybody Knows

Fais dodo Fais Dodo
Footloose Footloose


Girl Crush   2015


Goodby Monday  2016

The Gambler

Girl Crush


Goodby Monday

Good time

Goog Time Girls

Good Time

Good Time Girls

Got blessed Texas God Blessed Texas
Halleluja Hallelujah


Hey Brother

Hey O  2016

Maybe I Shouldn'  Fin 2016


Hey Brother

Hey O


Home to Louisiana

I Ain't No Quitter   Fin 2016

Home To Louisiana

No Quitter

Irish stew  Irish Stew
Island in the steam Island In The Stream

It happens

Jacket Joe

Rhyme Or Reason

Jacket Joe

Jambalaya Jambalaya
Knee deep Knee Deep

La Muccara

Last Living Cowboy 

Mucara Walk

Last Living Cowboy

Last night - chill factor Chill Factor
Let your momma go Go Mama Go
Loslapie Loslappie (Vera Kuiper)
Louisiana Louisiana Strut
Love somebody like you Somebody Like You
Lover please come back Lover Please Come Back
Loving all night Wishful Thinking

Ma jolie Louise

Mama Don't Allow  

Ma Jolie Louise

Skiffle Time

Mary mary Mary mary

Messed up in Memphis

Mexican Wind

Mixed Drings Abouth Feeling  Fin 2016

Need You Now

Messed Up In Memphis

Mexican Wind

Abouth Feeling

Picture Perfect

Neon moon Neon Moon
No no never Never Ever - No No Never
Not fair Not Fair
Pizzirico Pizziricco

Played a live - Bongo song

Quitter  Fin 2016

Raggel Taggle Gypsy O  Fin 2016

Remember When   2015

Chill Factor


Gypsy O

Remember When

Rock paper scissor Rock Paper Scissors 
Rolling in the deep Rolling In The Deep
Rose garden Rose Garden
San Francisco Billy's Dance

Seminole wind

Seminol Wind

Something in the water

Something To Die For 2016

Something In The Water

Modern Romance / Recto Verso

Spirit of the hawk

Southbound Train   2015

The Spirit

Clickity Clack

Stand by your man

Stell Loving After You

  Something To Die For  Fin 2016

The Sway

Stell Loving After You

Something To Die For

Suds in the bucket Suds In The Bucket
Summer fly Summer Fly

Sur la route de Memphis

Thanks a Lot   2015


Tanks a Lot

The Flute The Flute
The Galway girl Galway Girls

The leaving of Liverpool

The World  Fin 2016

Leaving Of Liverpool

The World

This is the life Singing The Song


Tornedo Fin 2016

Twist And Turns  Fin 2016



Twist And Turns

Walk of life

Wasted  2015

Walk Of Life


Wave on wave

Wagon Wheel

Wave On Wave

Wagon Whell Rock

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